E Ola Ka Aina, A Center for Agriculture, Aquaculture, Art and Abundance, prototype Master Plan, 1981, by Calley O’Neill and Dr. Barry A. Costa-Pierce, Oahu, Hawai’i.
The Solar Shield Research Garden was a backyard self-sufficiency model with integrated aquaculture and green water irrigation, designed by Calley O’Neill with ecologist/aquaculturist, Dr. Barry A. Costa-Pierce, 1977, Cate Farm, Goddard College, Plainfield, Vermont.
Originally designed for the back yard of Helen Burlingame - Waimea
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Children’s Garden at Lailani Master Plan, 1996, Kona, Hawai’i by Calley O’Neill.
Paul Mitchell edible landscape master plan by Calley O'Neill

YOU WILL NEED:  a copy of your site plan, showing paving, lanais, entrances, and exits with a bird's eye view of your residence or buildings indicating entrances/exits, and windows.

Prior to Calley's visit, please CONTEMPLATE:
  • What is your elevation?
  • Annual average rainfall?
  • How do the trade winds blow across your land? Kona winds?
  • How do you want your land to feel and look? 
  • What are the functions of each area?
  • What kind of trees, shrubs, and plants do you want to grow?
  • How much effort are you or your gardeners willing to put forth in care of the land? Will you have assistance?
  • Will you have irrigation?
  • Are you open to planting a good proportion of native plants, trees and shrubs?
  • Will you have canoe crops like kalo, ‘uala, ko, maia, ulu, niu?
  • What are the color schemes for each area?
  • Will your gardens be lit?
  • Will there be pathways? Will they be lit?
  • Will there be seating? A recreational area? An entertainment area? A private bathing, yoga, or therapy area? A food garden? 
  • What kind of cultural or physical aesthetics and materials do you love? 
  • Calley offers ecological and edible/herbal landscape design consultations for home landscapes, gardens, or small farms. Calley will listen carefully to your needs, wishes, and the vision you have of your land. She will brainstorm with you as you walk the land, offering design insights as you walk and share your ideas. Sometimes, that is all people need to get them going on the land. ​
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$135/hour at the desk, on site design work, ongoing consultations, and phone meetings.

Together, we will determine and mutually agree upon a fee for your landscape plan which fits your needs and the level of research, design, and detail required.

NORTH KOHALA – please add $75.
KONA (Four Seasons and south) – please add $150.
HILO SIDE – please add $250.

Malama Honua!

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