Size: 4' by 3'
Medium:  Politec glaze painting and scratch board on panel  with Calley's handcrafted bamboo frame

Artist Direct Price:  $16,000 
(Now offered at $8,500)

The Wind Goddess of Hawai'i
           In Hawai’i, there are many winds, each with its own nature and name.  It is said in Hawaiian mythology that all of these winds are contained within two great calabashes.  One is Ipu Iki, which means the small calabash.  It contains the soft and gentle breezes, which caress and soothe.  The other, Ipu Nui (the large calabash) holds fast the strong and swirling winds, ka makani nui, said to be as mighty as can possibly be.  The wind goddess brings you mighty prayers and blessings as well as wishes for the gentle and benevolent breezes, a return of the ease and flow of life.

          The painting symbolizes an aspect of our true nature...divine will, which is symbolized by the color white and effortless flow.  Integral to will is the ability to come to know our center - to be grounded and solid.  Resting in our center, the storms of life cannot take us over, or throw us off our course.  In the midst of all conditions, we have the capacity to accept what is, to be fully present in this moment, and persist in our own journey home to truth.  We can develop the skill to be grounded in our own bodies and reclaim our minds from the stressful striving of life’s endless demands.  Divine will allows us to be pa’a, one of my favorite Hawaiian words.  It means to be steadfast.  In persistently being here for whatever arises in our experience, more and more patience and confidence evolve and life takes on the natural quality of effortless ease and flow.  With presence and patience, we feel rooted and supported.  Through flowing with the forces of life instead of resisting what is, we learn to trust in the perfection of our own unfolding and our unique path in this precious life. 

          This work is a prayer and Feng Shui cure for effortless ease in your body, in your life, within your ohana (extended family) and in our world.  

May we flow with the river gently guided by the winds of change and evolution.  May this painting remind you of the beauty and ease available in your own slow deep, conscious breath.

Angel Gaia
Pod Man
Small (approx. 19" x 24")$525
Large (approx 24" x 36") $1000
Small Hand Embellished - $1000
Large Hand embellished  - $2000

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