Size: 43" by 30"
Medium:  Politec glaze painting on panel with a'a niu (coconut cloth) hanging on driftwood with raffia
Artist Direct Price:  $17,500

Small (approx. 19" x 24")$525
Large (approx 24" x 36") $1000

Small Hand Embellished - $1,000
Large Hand Embellished - $2,000
Ursa Major
The constellation called The Great Bear is visible throughout the Northern hemisphere.  The well known and loved Big Dipper (the Pleiades) with the North Star form the upper part of the constellation, which inspires this mixed media Dance the Spirit painting on extinction and reflection.  

If the polar bears disappear, what will become of humanity?  This work is a prayer for the perpetuation of the polar bears and the easing of climate change.

Pod Man
Art and Soul for the Earth
 Big Island of Hawai'i