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When Rama died in March, 2015, two days shy of his 32nd  April Fool’s Day birthday, Jeb and I cried a river…

Jeb asked that this painting represent and honor the great spirit of RAMA as he disappeared from this Earth, and ascended to the Great Mystery. This work, he suggested, was to be the visual spirit of RAMA and stand alone fully adorned as a wildlife thangka painting.

I felt that, as an integral part of THE RAMA EXHIBITION: A JOURNEY OF ART AND SOUL FOR THE EARTH, the Earth had to be there, and the painting affirmed and showed me where. It came to me that LOVE IS THE ANSWER and this was the message wanting to come forth, and the painting affirmed. I saw that the lettering and the Earth had to be ethereal in nature, and the painting showed me how.

Together Julia Fairchild, our master seamstress and I discerned the fabrics and it is a beautiful tribute to a great Being, whose work IS the heart and center of THE RAMA EXHIBITION. It is, as he was, the Alpha and Omega. The spirit of the work. The breath of the work. The inspiration for the work. The medium for the work. The power of the work that here flies free into eternity.

May RAMA’s work travel the world, find a permanent home and fulfill the vision entrusted in Jeb and me to reach millions of people’s hearts and minds to protect this living breathing amazing EARTH. 


Small (approx. 19" x 24")$525
Large (approx 24" x 36") $975
Small  Hand Embellished - $1000
Large Hand embellished  - $2000

Art and Soul for the Earth
 Big Island of Hawai'i